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Jon Harvey


I love working with Neda and Gemma – their work and personalities make me smile. We have worked together on many campaigns over the years at Karmarama. They listen, they take on board and then they go away and come back with strong creative work that always gives the original brief an extra spin. They are modern – they feel really home in everything from Experiential to TV and know how to create a strong sense of engagement with the audience. They are highly creative, inspiring and motivating those around them and at the same time they manage to keep a sense of real world requirements in their work and attitude.


Not just thinking, but doing. That's what I learnt from Neda. She doesn't stay still. She makes things happen. Nice things. Nice things usually require a lot of thinking, motivation, and energy. That's what I loved most when working with Neda.

David Buonaguidi ECD KARMARAMA

I have known Gemma for about 7 years. She arrived at Karmarama as a cocky, cheeky Northern ball of mischief and I take some pride in the fact that she hasn’t changed a bit.  When she arrived we were quite small, and she was relatively junior and worked across every single bit of business and also every pitch that the agency did during that time. She gets on with everyone, she is funny, naughty, hard working and passionate, but also creatively smart and pragmatic, knowing when to go for it and when to just process it. She is as strong on single executions as well as big campaign ideas that work across multi-medias, Tv, didge, print, social, whatever, she is very good and I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

Saman Sadri 


Neda gave me and our group briefs and made sure that I received recognition from the Ford team for the ideas I came up with, which had a profound impact on my confidence and self esteem. 

With her support I recognised my hidden skills and established a desire to further my studies in the creative field at university. I'm now taking a degree in Graphic & Digital design in university and am currently in my second year.

She helped me discover what I was truly good at, and unveiled my true potential, which I thought was impossible as I suffer from dyslexia, which at times has an adverse impact on me. However, her creative direction and mentoring encouraged me to recognize my full potentials - despite all of my past adversities - and even when I refused to believe in myself. With her recognition she finally made me see and think that ‘yes, I can do this myself’, which was a breakthrough for me. 

And it's because she recognises that groups of people learn and work in different ways, and that no two people are the same, she always treats everyone in a group as individuals, which is why she motivated me enormously.

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