Creative Directors with over 13 years of experience in the industry.   


Well versed in Art Direction, Copy, Creative Direction, TV,  print, digital, experiential -  and we'll  even whap together our own films too as we're quite hands on. 

We love freelancing everywhere, so we've created campaigns for companies like Mother, Karmarama,  JWT,  Netflix etc. etc.  On brands like the Klarna, Fairtrade, BBC, Ikea etc. etc. 


Gemma is a published author for Chickenhouse.  And Neds is a Creative Director at Motel Company and also a Director at Dirty films. 


Neda has been a Gold Jury Judge for the Creative Circle Awards twice, and she's also judging this year for a third time. 


And her short films has just been selected for ten festivals, including two BAFTA qualifying festivals and it won a Grand Jury Award too. 

Gems has had her book 'Moondust' published by the publisher of Harry Potter. And she has another two books on the horizon. Her new book 'City of Rust' is available for preorder. So we're peeing out pants over that too.  

Some cool stuff has happened recently - we were selected as Britain's New creative leaders in Campaign Magazine. And we also give talks, write articles and run workshops for organisations like SheSays, Campaign, The International Youth Development Association, Shillington School of Design, Barclays Business Group.


You can see some of our talks and articles we've written in our photos below.  

Here are the awards we have received for our work:

2020 Gold Jury Judge - Creative Circle - Film Craft

2019 Creative Circle Gold Award Winner

2019 Creative Circle Gold Award Winner

2019 Oniros Film Festival - Grand Jury Award Winner

2019 Silver Clio Award Outdoor Craft Winner

2019 Bronze Clio Award Poster Winner

2019 Bronze Clio Award Billboard Winner 

2019 Creative Circle Silver Award Winner

2019 Creative Circle Silver Award Winner

2019 Creative Circle Silver Award Winner

2019 D&AD Awards Nomination 

2019  Kinsale Sharks Award - Gold Winner

2019 Kinsale Sharks Award - Gold Winner

2019 Bronze Kinsale Sharks Award Winner

2019 Marketing Week Masters Winner

2019 "Best Director" Nomination UnderWire Film Festival 
2019 Campaign BIG Nomination (Finance/Service)
2019 Campaign BIG Nomination (Outdoor)

2019 Caples Gold Award, Best in Show Winner

2019 Caples Gold Award , Best Copy Winner

2019 Caples Gold Award, Outdoor Winner

2019 Caples Gold Award, Strategy Winner

2019 Drum Awards Outdoor Nomination

2019 Drum Awards Craft Nomination
2019 Featured in Lurzers Archive Issue 2

2018 Ch4 Random Acts Nom & Best Under 5 Min Nom London Short Film Festival

2018- Gold Jury Judge - Neda Shadanlou - Film Craft 

2014  PR AWARDS - "Campaign of the Year" Winner

2013 British Broadcast Promax Gold Award Winner

2010 IPA Effectiveness Gold Award Winner

A screening of Neda's short film, here she is looking smarmy.

This isn't a child holding Gemma's book, it's actually a real life 35 year old woman, it's actually Gemma. 

 Neda giving a lecture on 'how to pitch a creative idea'.  Here she is pointing at thin air. 

Campaign asked for our thoughts on the future of advertising, Neda called everyone we know in advertising bottom feeders. Oops.


Neds   +447766602035

Gems   +447949475508